How we help
If you’re not sure of the answer to the question above, we can help your organization find out using our research systems and services, and then take it from there. If your answer is “no,” we can help make your customers completely satisfied. We do this by using customized training programs and/or service process redesign and optimization to transform the services your organization delivers to the customer.

Completely satisfied customers are four times as likely to buy again within the next six months as customers who are just satisfied. Conversely, those customers who are just satisfied are five times as likely to buy from another source.

Whatever the case is in your organization, we can help. We specialize in helping organizations build their business around the element that matters most – loyal customers.
Small Enterprises

- Improve service delivery

  - Increase customer loyalty

      - Prepare for business growth


Mid-sized  Enterprises

  - Improve employee performance

- Increase customer loyalty        

 - Improve employee productivity


Large Enterprises

       - Boost business performance

      - Improve service experience

      - Increase employee morale 


What we do

We run small, highly interactive classes giving every participant maximum exposure to learning. Using experiential learning approach, we provide an enriching learning experience with participants highly motivated to apply new concepts on the job.


There’s only one judge of great service – THE CUSTOMER. Yet, many organizations do not know what their customers think about their service. This is where our research systems, tools, and services come in.

Service Improvement

Excellent service is usually the result of careful design and delivery of a whole set of interrelated processes. Thus we help organizations with optimal service processes that consistently create the desired experience and outcomes for the customer.



Typical Courses
  • Managing Technical Professionals

    All managers face challenges, but managers of technical professionals face an additional and unique blend of challenges. Whether it is scientists, engineers, technologists, technicians, health professionals, or architects the nature of technical professionals and their work require a second set of management tactics.   Hence this course will equip you with the tips and tricks on how to manage, lead, motivate, and communicate effectively with teams focused on s...

  • Handling Customer Complaints

    If customers highlight an overpriced, poor, or unreliable service, they are not condemning your organization to redundancy, but offering you a great opportunity to see your organization from another’s point of view.   This feedback can prove to be invaluable and how your organization deals with it is not only vitally important for your organization’s development but also critical in gaining customer respect and loyalty. &nb...

  • Improving Service Operations

    Service operations management entails the activities, decisions and responsibilities of operations managers in service organizations. The operations manager in service organizations is responsible for understanding the needs of their customers, managing the processes that deliver the services, ensuring their objectives are met, while also paying attention to the continual improvement of their services. As such, managing service operations is critical to organizational func...

  • The Art of Delivering Excellent Service

    Poor service causes potentially loyal customers to slip away, creating a leak in your organization. In other words, poor service costs your organization money. Lots of money. You incur this cost in two ways. First, when your customers don’t come back. Second, when your customers don’t recommend you to anyone. All this occurs primarily because the employees neither understand the concepts and benefits of excellent service nor the implications of poor service. So t...

  • Customer Experience: Beyond The Expected

    The primary aim of this training is to enhance the skills and confidence of participants in improving customer experience.   Participants will learn the effective use of the telephone, e-mail, and face-to-face interaction to build rapport with customers, understand them, and find the right solution to customers’ problems.   This training will start by refreshing participants’ knowledge on the concepts of service to reaffirm their understanding of wha...

  • What Customers Really Want...

    When your customer does not return, what your organization loses is not just the money for the next transaction but the total revenue the customer would have brought to your organization across their entire relationship with you. This is a huge loss, which is even more when you imagine this scenario for multiple customers.   All this starts when the services provided do not meet the customer’s expectations. And it’s primarily because many empl...


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