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  • Marketing in tough economic times: Email as a vital tool


    No one has control over the state of the economy. Now, the crude oil prices are low and the naira is devalued. Expectedly, companies and even individuals have pulled back and reduced overall spending. Times are indeed tough. However, this is not the time to focus less on marketing … rather the opposite. In reality, reducing your marketing efforts in tough economic times is the last thing you should do. Rather, it is recommended that you change your approach by […]

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  • Seven great ways to employee development

    Coaching and mentoring Demonstrated benefits of these approaches include improved quality and quantity of work, transfer of learning and, for employees, improved communication and problem-solving skills. Effective coaching and mentoring programs depend on the skills and personality of the mentor or coach, adequate time for coaching and mentoring sessions and established timelines and goals. Job rotation and cross-training Job rotation moves an employee through one or more different positions. The rotation can last several hours, several months or even a […]

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  • The business case for skills development

    Ask employers what their  biggest challenge in running and growing their business is, most will tell  you it is the inability to find the right employees. The reason for this is not difficult to figure out looking at our low quality education and  a value system that supports sub-optimal work culture. Small- and medium-sized businesses are the most affected because they lack the brand and sometimes the resources to attract the few skilled and ‘already-made’ employees that are available. So […]

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