The Importance of Buyer Personas in Digital Marketing

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There will be no successful marketing without a good understanding of buyers. Hence smart marketers build formal buyer personas for their target demographics.

Buyer personas are the individual and identifiable groups of people who buy your products and services. For example, a bank might have four buyer personas: employees, small businesses, students, and large enterprises. An effective marketing for this bank will target these four distinct buyer personas, with the goal of getting the employees to be saving more money, small businesses to be taking more loans, students to be opening new accounts, and the big enterprises to be doing more transactions that will earn the bank more income.

Truly understanding the needs and the mindset of the four buyer personas will enable the bank to create contents that focus on the issues and problems these buyer personas face and details on how to solve them. This is what drives digital marketing and thus establishing buyer personas is critical for success.

With the website as the most central digital marketing platform, companies that fail to pay adequate attention to buyer personas create websites that are big brochures not offering specific information for different buyers. They build one-size-fits-all websites with the content organized by the company’s products or services instead of by categories corresponding to buyer personas and their associated problems.

Also, without establishing their buyer personas, companies build their direct digital marketing campaigns on what their company wants to say rather than what the buyer wants to hear. There is a huge difference. Companies that are successful with direct-to-consumer marketing campaign strategies write for their buyers. The blogs that are best at reaching an organizational goal are not about companies and products but rather customers and their problems.

Hence the importance of buyer personas cannot be over emphasized. You must do whatever it takes to create buyer persona profiles. In a nutshell, here is how to do it: Know your buyers, break them into distinct groups, and then catalog everything you know about each group. That’s it.

Once you have developed a buyer persona profile, then you know the buyer problems that your product or service solves, and you know the media that buyers turn to for answers. Do they go first to a search engine? If so, what words and phrases do they enter? Which blogs, forums, and online news sites do they read? Are they open to audio or video? When you answer these questions, you stand a good chance of having a successful digital marketing campaign.

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2 Responses to The Importance of Buyer Personas in Digital Marketing

  1. Mark says:

    From your example above, it seems there must be more than one buyer persona. Right?

    • Paradigm Learning says:

      Not really, Mark. What happens is that most businesses have more than one kind of buyers, making it look like there must be more than one buyer persona. Some highly focused businesses are likely to have one buyer persona.

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